Multiplicity Hybridindividualizator

de Notorious architecture
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ESTADO: Concurso
AÑO: 2015
MTS²: 10000

UBICACIÓN: Alemania, hamburgo, hamburgo

CLIENTE: Privado


The concept of collective housing is one of the newest regarding the disciplinary agenda of architecture. Was not until the beginning of the XIX Century that the main European cities started to be populated by workers escaping from the hunger and slavery labor of the rural areas, dreaming with the new possibilities industrialization was presenting in the urbanized centers. Only after WWII the collective housing topic emerges, not only as a disciplinary issue, but also as an example of architectural practice with endless new typologies and formal experimentations that started to take place in its ontology.

The Hybrindividualization Multiplicity project searches to generate the organizational conditions that allow the opportunity to dissolve the Habitat Unit understood in the ideal terms in which the modernism used to see it. The project is consolidated around parameters of intimacy-privacy that are deployed in order to establish collective interchange instances, both intimate and public at different scales. Utilizing the programmatic conditions of the competition, the possibility of collective living is considered where the interchange spaces are undefined and ambiguous. Developing emergent conditions of habitat, which allow not only a programmatic hybridization but also they induce the appearance of new hybrid programs for the collective way of life.


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